Happy Holidays World

Wishing every one in the world a peaceful, loving, harmonious Christmas and New Year.

Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo para todos los seres que habitan este planeta. Que la paz, la harmoníay el amor abunden en donde quiera que se encuentren.

Above Majestic Movie

Many people looking for Disclosure created this movie hoping to wake up more humans into questioning everything that our governments are telling us and to demand that all the new inventions that are kept secret are release to the public ASAP.

Fake News, Bad News…

imageIt has been more than 8 years that I stop reading or watching the NEWS. I started noticing that there was very few GOOD news and I always end up with a not so good feeling after listening to what I now know is a form of programming to keep the people always in fear, anxiety and stress. Of course once you noticed this you’ll start noticing more things that will give you a clearer picture of the “dark system” that wants to control your state of being. As anything else, it’s up to us whether with allow it of not.